i write online much of the time, so pages here may be incomplete, poorly written, or just incomprehensible.

Words are ambiguous.

What does someone mean by democracy... do you mean some form of collective rule, majority rule, or global capitalism. They are radically different things, but some people use the same word for all meanings...

Words can be interpreted in any way the reader wishes to seem them. In that light, we still need to try to communicate. Short of creating another language devoid of ambiguities, we must try be more explicit in what we mean. Understanding requires that we take the time to understand and when possible, ask questions of what a person means.

Some speech, such as political speech, religious and business language intentionally hides it's meaning in ambiguities. In these instances language is used not for communication, but for manipulation.

New tools such as the allow us to communicate in a more collaborative way. Hopefully with an eye toward eliminating ambiguities by allowing others to question meaning and intention, and rewriting in a clearer way.